Take On an Escape Room Near Lake Forest

escape room

An escape room is an interactive game played with your friends and family that takes intelligence, problem-solving abilities, and teamwork skills to succeed. Gather your friends and family in the Lake Forest area for an evening of fun and intrigue.

Sixty to Escape is a collection of escape rooms located a 25-minute drive from the Kelmscott Apartments. Each room has a different atmosphere and storyline:

Blast From the Past

There is a neat little arcade near your home and the owner has disappeared. No one seems to care. The FBI thinks he was murdered and has left it at that. There are rumors all over town that he was building some sort of machine right before he disappeared. What is the machine? Where is the owner? It is up to you and your group to find him within the hour, discover the meaning behind the machine, and, perhaps, save the entire world from destruction. Are you up to it?

Blast from the past is for a group anywhere between two to eight players who have 60 minutes to solve the mystery. The difficulty of the room is an eight out of ten. Best of luck!


Have you ever thought about being a thief? Of course not. But, in the escape room, Museum, you and your group are all thieves going after a precious jewel. The jewel, a diamond, has recently been put on display and your ultimate goal, as a thief, is to steal it. Your group must hack into the security system to grab the diamond out of the highly secure vault before the guards come back. Do your talents thrive in thievery, or will you feel the icy snap of handcuffs around your wrists?

You are given sixty minutes to complete Museum and the room is solvable by groups of two to eight people. This room is also an eight out of ten in difficulty.

Escape rooms, much like Sixty to Escape, are just a taste of the local amenities in Lake Forest, near the Kelmscott Apartments.

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