Grab Your Daily Cup at Newport Coffee House


Nothing makes a place really feel like home quite like being a regular at a local coffee house. Not far at all from our apartments in Lake Forest sits a shop with the potential to become your favorite hangout, and we want to tell you about it. Check it out, and pretty soon you’ll feel like a real local if you don’t already.


When it comes to coffee, we like a few things: plenty of options, attractive atmosphere, and friendly staff. You are sure to find all of the above at this sophisticated coffee shop. At Newport Coffee House you’ll find a modern take on a coffee house atmosphere. Clean, simple decor keeps the atmosphere uncluttered. The staff is what warms this place up. Well, that and the hot, handcrafted espresso drinks.

The owner knows his brews. Being from Sweden a country ranking among top coffee consumers worldwide, he has a natural passion for the bean. Great care goes into every phase of the coffee preparing process. It begins with carefully selected beans from all the right regions and is then roasted to perfection in order to pull out all the flavors. Finally, the baristas are trained to pay attention to detail so that you get the best, most consistent cup possible.

They go the extra mile and here, and you won’t be treated like a typical in-and-out customer because disposable cups are optional. That’s right, you can sit right down with a real coffee mug warming your hands and enjoy that cup of coffee like you would at a friend’s kitchen table.

Want a little something sweet to go along with your magical coffee moment? It’s ready for you, and homemade too. Newport proudly serves up homemade sweets and chocolates, so nothing is missing from this coffee occasion.

We know this cozy coffee shop will become one of your favorites too. It’s just one of the many perks of living in Lake Forest. If you want to know more about making our apartment community home, please contact us today. Our leasing agents are ready to assist you and show you around.

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