Find Treasures at These Lake Forest Antique Shops

in an antique shop

Shopping at an antique store is like being given an invitation to go through your grandmother’s attic. You never know what treasures you will find or what once forgotten gem will be buried there. Antiques are tangible testimonies to historic moments where objects tell a story and memories survive. These unique Lake Forest antique shops will have you stopping by again and again.

JK Gray Antiques

JK Gray Antiques is Lake Forest’s fine antique headquarters specializing in authentic American, French, and English furniture and art. They carefully curate and collect items from galleries and private estates from all over the world. Their insistence on only the distinctly original gives shoppers an opportunity to attain one-of-a-kind luxury you won’t find anywhere else.

Right next door is JK Gray’s sister store, Urban Vintage Collectibles, where you can discover classic vintage at its best including quirky old book titles, interesting industrial ware, and unusual signage. You will be intrigued by the old-fashioned games and toys from days gone by and by the well-preserved sporting equipment your distant relatives may have used. It’s a win/win for the community.

Anna’s Mostly Mahogany

Anna’s Mostly Mahogany is one of those places you visit where you will be glad you wore your best walking shoes. The 15,000 square foot antique warehouse is packed with high-quality furniture and fascinating home decor meant to satisfy a variety of tastes and styles. The well-lighted mall is organized enough to easily navigate yet quirky enough to maintain a small antique shop character.

Anna welcomes consignments from the community and offers a mixed selection of both vintage and contemporary items. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and always on hand to help with your interior decorating needs. Be sure to check out the fabulous lighting section featuring eccentric and classic lamps and sconces you will want to own. The shop updates its inventory weekly.

Lake Forest Resale

Lake Forest Resale Shop is an upscale consignment and thrift store where you just might stumble upon the antique side table you’ve been looking for or the designer shoes you thought you couldn’t afford. The cozy shop serves as a community caretaker and is actively involved in supporting local non-profit organizations and charitable events. Yet it is a treasure trove for neighborhood shoppers.

Vintage mid-century to modern home accessories and accents are placed nonchalantly throughout the shop along with the curious and the odd. There is a large selection of ancient cookbooks full of timeless recipes you will want to try. Vintage kitchenware shares space with old quilts while framed art pieces lend color to the walls. Lake Forest Resale is a downtown retail gem.

Lake Forest is a fantastic community to call home. Kelmscott Park offers spacious apartments in a convenient location overlooking stunning garden spaces. For more information, you can contact us anytime.

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